What—and when—to eat and drink before performing~Blog Gives Tips!

Eating and Drinking for Energy By Nancy Alfaro

Whether you dance through a season’s worth of high-powered performances, or just gear up periodically for a couple of big ones, you have probably tried every possible food combination to help fuel you past your first entrance. You’ve eaten power shakes or steaks, had protein bars or Gatorade, downed a pre-show bag of M&Ms, slugged back an espresso after a can of tuna, all in an effort to keep that larger-than-life performance energy cranking. Well, there’s food news flying through the dance world that will make you energized, not to mention satisfied.


While dancers need to look ethereal, they also must be able to work through long tours and dance-intensive reps. So developing the right combinations, portions, and meal times, and understanding food’s nutritional wallop is a real asset.


Elaine Winslow-Redmond, a former Rockette and athletic trainer for the Radio City Rockettes, encourages the company dancers not to be overly concerned about their weight. “They sometimes do four 90-minute shows per day, and they burn a lot of calories. Throughout the day they should eat small meals, and keep carbs in their plan because they act as fuel.”READ MORE


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