Shine At Your Wedding With The Help Of Dance With Us Ottawa

Your First Dance Together

Your first dance as newlyweds should be a memorable experience that you can cherish for the rest of your lives. At Dance With Us Ottawa, we love creating astonishing wedding first dance routines that are as unique as you are. Our goal is to make sure that you not only mesmerize your audience with an unforgettable dance routine, but also enjoy every moment of your first dance without worrying about getting the steps right. Our Ottawa wedding dance lesson packages are designed to offer you maximum flexibility and amazing results.

You may already have a special song or an idea

For your first dance, we would love to work with you to turn your idea into a personalized choreography that will be remembered by all your guests, and more importantly, by the two of you. Just bring your comfortable shoes and a recording of your special song and we will take care of the rest.

If you don’t have a song or an idea for your wedding first dance, we can help you choose music from our large collection of beautiful wedding songs. We’ll help you select a dance style that fits your personalities and turn your first dance into a wonderful experience, both for you… and for your guests.

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Ottawa Wedding Dance Lessons
Ottawa Wedding Dance Lessons

Wedding dance packages

Based on the amount of time you before your wedding, we have several packages to choose from. We will design your dance choreography to go with your special song. You can also video-record your lessons to help you practice at home or in our studio.

Package A
5 hours of Private Dance Lessons

This course is designed for couples with limited time to prepare their Wedding Dance. In these lessons we will create your wedding dance choreography based on the music of your choice. You will really enjoy dancing together your first dance!

$325(tax incl.)

Package B
10 hours of Private Dance Lessons

With a little more time, you will gain confidence and style. More attention will be paid to the style and technique of the dance.

$600 (tax incl.)

Package C
15 hours of Private Dance Lessons

With a full 15 hours, there is time to fine-tune your choreography and perfect your dance. You will also have the time to learn more about the technical side of dance, and learn other styles as well. This will give you even more to show everyone!

$825 (tax incl.)