Private Dance Lessons

Private Dance Lesson Packages

First Try-Out Lesson is Free!

We offer 5, 10 or 15 dance lessons packages. Our one-on-one sessions give you a unique experience and the benefit of individual attention from an instructor. You choose the dance(s) you want to learn and we tailor the lessons to suit your needs and interests. Our teachers are well-versed in a wide variety of dances. Private lesson is 55 minutes long.

The cost of private lesson taken separetely with a social dance instructor is $60 + HST/55 minutes.
The cost of private lesson with a professional competitor and adjudicator start from $70/45 minutes.
The cost of private lesson with an invited guest teacher start from $120/45 minutes

What is a benefit of a private lesson?

  • Only one or two people in the lesson. Semi-private lessons small groups are available upon request
  • Private lessons are available most days and times
  • These lessons have several advantages: they can be scheduled at your convenience
  • You can choose the dances you want to learn
  • You can dance to your special music
  • The pace and level of instruction are tailored to your individual learning style
  • Personal attention to your individual needs results in more rapid progress
  • You learn to dance faster then in group classes

Number of lessons

Please contact us for private dance lessons availability