Useful Links for Dancers

Eye Makeup for Competition

There are many blogs out there about dance, but this one has a sense of humour as well as an opinion. This particular entry has some really good information on how to apply eye makeup for dance competition. Check it out! Note: some lanugage on this site may not be appropriate for children.


Affordable dance wear and shoes by Very Fine Dancesport Shoes.

TaggerWear is a custom sportswear manufacturer who specializes in made to measure garments. They make both practice clothes and competition costumes for dance sport. After all, why “work out” in your regular clothes? The best athletes wear training clothes, so you should too! If you are into dance socially, you may need a garment for a special occasion or event. Or perhaps something to wear to classes, they can do that too! If you find a garment you want but not in the right fit, they can make it just for you. Unique designs are their specialty. They can sit with you to help you create the design you want. Each garment, whether for children, teens, or adults; ladies and gentlemen; is custom fit and made to measure. So bring us your Ballroom and Latin costume ideas and they will help you bring them to life!

Rahim’s Friday Salsa Party in Ottawa

Tony Hornick’s Dance List Directory

This site lists of all dance schools and studios in Canada and USA.

Smooth Style Studio

Smooth Style is the home of West Coast Swing in Ottawa!

Custom Dressmaking and Professional Dance Apparel in Montreal

Wedding, Family and Dance Photo & Video Services

Canada DanceSport

The governing body for dancesport in Canada. There you can get all kinds of information about competitions, dress codes, syllabus for dances, and rules and regulations governing dancesport in Canada.

Why Men Should Learn Ballroom

This is a great article by Clint Steele on the reasons why men should learn how to dance. It is compelling and true. You should read it, print it, and leave it where your man can find it!

A History of Blackpool

This is a very interesting history of Blackpool Dancesport.