Dance With Us Ottawa Individual Rental Fee Schedule & Studio Policies

Dance With Us Ottawa Is Proud To Offer To Students The Largest Dance Floor In The Region. In order to continue our commitment to you our valued customers, we want to remind you of our Facility Rental Fee Schedule.Individual Facility Rental Fee Schedule & Studio PoliciesIndividual Practice
1. Upon entering the studio, please pay for your practice in advance
2. You are required, at all times,to pay a practice fee if you practice before or after your private lesson
3. In the change room, please place your bag under the chair or on the shelve and hang your clothes on the coat hanger
4. Any cancellation must be made at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise the lesson will be indebted to your teacher
5. In consideration of others and to avoid any injuries, no oil, powder or water will be permitted on the dance floor
6. All ladies dance shoes have to have heel protectors (this can be purchased it in the studio or ordered online)
7. Only the professional staff is allowed in the teacher’s room (if you need something from there, please ask the teacher)
8. One hour = 55 minutes
9. Educational material is essential, please be respectful and ask your teacher to help you

Individual practice fees
Kids under 16 y.o. :  5$ / per person / per practice – kids under 16 years old
Adults : 8$ / per person / per practice
DWUO membership card for adults – $50 for 10 practices

To be fair to everyone, there will be no exceptions.

Facility Rental
Facility rental refers to exclusive use of the entire studio for your own event. You are responsible for set up, take down, and clean up. This type of rental is ideal for schools, over-flow at dance, yoga, or martial arts studios, corporate events, or meetings.

Facility rental fees
Group Lessons of 1-10 students, $30.00/hour taxes included
Group Lessons of 10-20 students, $30.00/hour for 10 people, plus $3.00 for every extra person taxes included
Private Lessons of 1-2 students, $15.00/hour taxes included